Flooded Basement Cleanup & Drying Service in West Warwick, Rhode Island, 02893, 800-899-2036

At Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island our crews know how devastating a flooded basement can be. If you take immediate action it will help you reduce the amount of damage that are done to your basement and personal property. Our certified technicians will inventory and pack out the salvageable items so we can begin the cleaning and restoration process. Any items that are total loss will be inventoried and a list will be proved for you and you and your insurance company. Our technicians will help you with filing your insurance claim correctly for your flooded basement. We also have teams who can repair or replace any frozen or broken pipes that caused your Basement to flood. Other causes of basement flooding are broken hot water heaters, broken laundry machines, and sewage. Call us with any basement flooding damage job at 800-899-2036.


At Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island we use truck mounted extraction units that help to remove the standing water, fans and dehumidifiers that remove water from the air and structure. We use moisture meters and keep track of the moisture content in the air and the structure of your flooded basement. To prevent any further flood damages, contact our on call technicians immediately. We have an outstanding response time and will work on a restoration solution with you. If you need basement flood damage cleaned up call us at 800-899-2036.



If you experience a flood in your basement because of a broken hot water tank, sub pump failure, toilet overflow, broken appliance or even a leaking foundation don’t try to clean it up yourself. Call the professionals at Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island , our crews specialize in all phases of flooded basement cleanup and drying project. Contacting us immediately will reduce the possibility of secondary damage. The faster you start the work, the less damage you have, the less money you may have to pay out of pocket. Contact us anytime at 800-899-2036 with any flooded basement that needs to be dried.


A damaged roof, extreme rain fall, sewage back up, broken pipe, plugged pipe, electrical surge or power interruption-these are all common causes of basement flood or water damage. Not only do we have many years of experience and satisfied clients. We have the trained and certified technicians that deal with flooded basements and the drying process. The staff at Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island is on call and ready to respond when needed basement flood cleanup or drying job. Call us at 800-899-2036



If you unexpectedly have standing water in your basement, do not go near the water. Contact the professional basement flooding restoration specialists at Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island right away. Your safety is our number one priority. We will respond quickly and give you an estimate for your flooding restoration project. We have open communication with our customers all through the flood drying process. Trust us to focus on your specific needs and provide a pleasant restoration experience. Call our team at Quick Dry in West Warwick, Rhode Island to do any basement water damage service for you. Our crews are on call and available around the clock at 800-899-2036.


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