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At Quick Dry in Moses Lake, Washington we have been providing fire and smoke damage clean up & smoke odor removal for home and business owners for over 25 years. We know that the smallest of fires can cause massive amounts of smoke damage to the walls and furniture of your home or commercial property. Some damages you may not even be able to see, but our certified technicians will use every method available to them to help restore your building and belongings if they have suffered from smoke odors that come with it. We can remove any smoke odors and restore your contents as well. We are the only call you will ever have to make for all of your smoke odor removal services. Call us with any smoke damage, or smoke odor removal problems at 800-899-2036.


At Quick Dry in Moses Lake, Washington some of the services we offer after a fire or smoke damages are, electrical, winterizing, drying, contents cleaning. We have the product needed to remove any smoke or lingering odors after a fire. Trust us to minimize your loss for you and give you a worry free restoration project. We have many years experience and many satisfied clients. Contact us with any kind of fire damage or smoke odor removal job you may have at 800-899-2036.



If you have experienced a recent fire, contact your insurance company immediately. We will provide you with information to prevent further damages, and help determine which items can or cannot be restored. Call Quick Dry in Moses Lake, Washington to handle any smoke odor cleanup or removal issues at you property. We use truck mounted water extraction units to remove any standing water from the fire department. Moisture meters help us in calculating the removal of any moisture in the structure dehumidifiers, fans and heaters to remove moisture from the air of the structure. If you need any fire damage restoration or smoke odor removal call us at 800-899-2036.


Smoke particles can attach to your HVAC system they can also cause damage to materials that are in your building. The professional restoration technicians at Quick Dry in Moses Lake, Washington have your needs in mind when starting your smoke odor removal plan and solution to your problem. We will try to minimize any significant loss to you and eliminate any traces of any smoke odor. Commercial property, Buildings, Homes we can restore any building after suffering from any smoke odor issue. Call our live operators with any smoke odor removal job at 800-899-2036.



We specialize in handling the insurance claims and will work directly with any insurance company for you. Our services include but are not limited to; smoke odor removal, fire restoration, and general odors. Our emergency response teams can restore your building and belongings to an almost new condition for you. Each fire is unique in its size, cause and composition. Their are many different types of smoke odors some of the more common ones are protein, plastic, and cellulose. Call Quick Dry in Moses Lake, Washington as soon as possible we are ready to help you with any smoke odor problem any time at 800-899-2036.  

About Moses Lake

Poverty Status In The Past 12 Months By Sex By Age (native Hawaiian And Other Pacific Islander Alone):
Total: 16
Income in the past 12 months at or above poverty level: 16

IRS Information for Moses Lake:
Number of returns with residential energy tax credit: 200
Number of returns with additional child tax credit: 3,300
Number of farm returns: 310
Number of returns with income tax: 11,340
Number of single returns: 7,170
Qualified dividends amount [3]: 4,419
Self-employment retirement plans amount: 591
Number of returns with retirement savings contribution credit: 940
Income tax amount [7]: 87,179
Child tax credit amount: 5,189

About Washington

Place Of Birth By Individual Income In The Past 12 Months (in 2014 Inflation-adjusted Dollars) In Puerto Rico:
Total living in area 1 year ago: 6,738,267
1 to 4 years: 54,833
5 to 17 years: 978,607
18 and 19 years: 125,415
20 to 24 years: 294,365
25 to 29 years: 322,283
30 to 34 years: 358,738
35 to 39 years: 366,002
40 to 44 years: 394,588
45 to 49 years: 414,009
50 to 54 years: 446,690
55 to 59 years: 426,146
60 to 64 years: 384,220
65 to 69 years: 290,586
70 to 74 years: 200,465
75 years and over: 352,821
Same house: 5,631,970
Moved within same county: 725,062

Miscellaneous Information for Washington:
Total Population: 5,867,999
Total Households: 2,187,245

About Grant County
Grant County: Population without Health Insurance Coverage - 18,464
Grant County: Total Households - 30,041
Grant: Female Population 60 To 61 Years - 1,152
Grant: Male Population 10 To 14 Years - 3,923
Grant: Male Population 85 Years And Over - 521
Grant: Female Population 25 To 29 Years - 2,809
Grant: Hispanic Or Latino Population - 35,891

Crime Statistics for Grant County
Robbery: 32
Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter: 2
Motor Vehicle Theft: 205
Aggravated Assault: 92
Burglary: 509
Arson: 11
Violent Crime: 156
Larceny/Theft: 1,649
Property Crime: 2,363
Forcible Rape: 30