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Call our Quick Dry in Warwick, Rhode Island if you experience any water damages to your property. All of our technicians are IICRC certified experts in cleaning and restoring any water damage. The spring and summer storms can cause wind damages, which in turn causes water damages to the property as well. Have you suffered from an emergency flood after suffering from sump pump failure? Whatever the cause of your damages, we are the only company you will ever need to call with any of your water extraction needs. Contact us with any water damage drying or cleanup needs at 800-899-2036


If you have experienced water damage and need extraction our teams will use truck mounted water extraction units and smaller portable units for hard to reach areas. We use fans, and dehumidifiers to dry out you property. Our technicians use moisture meters to help aid in the moisture removal. Quick Dry in Warwick, Rhode Island will do any necessary repairs or reconstruction to your home or commercial business after your water damage. Our staff has many years of experience in all types of water damage cleanup and water extraction jobs. If you suffer from water damages contact us with any clean up at 800-899-2036



When water finds it way into your home or business it can become your worst enemy. It can cause damage to your structure and your belongings, it also breeds mold and bacteria if it sits stagnant for too long. At Quick Dry in Warwick, Rhode Island we know the damages water can cause, trust our crews to clean, dry and restore any water damage you may be suffering from. Call us immediately when you see the first sign of water damage at 800-899-2036 day or night, we are here for you. 


The sooner you contact us the better chance you have in avoiding secondary damages. A structural drying report is completed with every flood loss to guarantee quality for our customers. Our technicians will help to protect, save and salvage your belongings from any secondary damages. Quick Dry in Warwick, Rhode Island has restored hospitals, commercial towers, industrial facilities, hotels & restaurants after suffering from water damage. If you experience water damages and you need help with the cleanup or extraction call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we will be there to help 800-899-2036.



Water damage can occur at any time, so just know that there is help available with our 24 emergency services crews. There are some things you can do to avoid some damages. Contacting Quick Dry in Warwick, Rhode Island as soon as you see water damage at your property will reduce any additional damages. Check seals on your appliances at least once a year. Pay attention when you see any moisture or dripping pipes. Contact our operators for any water damage clean up, drying or water extraction at 800-899-2036

About Warwick

People Reporting Multiple Ancestry:
Total: 35,326
American : 410
Arab: 325
Lebanese : 138
Moroccan : 78
Syrian : 109
Armenian : 120
Australian : 18
Austrian : 140
Belgian : 56
Brazilian : 12
British : 44
Cajun : 12
Canadian : 97
Celtic : 58
Croatian : 18
Czech : 96
Czechoslovakian : 16
Danish : 24
Dutch : 385

IRS Information for Warwick:
Returns with domestic production activities deduction: 60
Total statutory adjustments amount: 29,628
Refundable education credit amount: 2,182
Number of returns with child tax credit: 5,720
Number of returns with self-employment health insurance deduction: 880
Overpayments refunded amount [10]: 79,830
Number of returns with real estate taxes: 14,860
Number of returns with partnership/S-corp net income (less loss): 1,700
Domestic production activities deduction amount: 1,058
Taxable interest amount: 15,733

About Rhode Island

Period Of Military Service For Civilian Veterans 18 Years And Over:
Total: 68,506
Gulf War (9/2001 or later), no Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001), no Vietnam Era: 4,716
Gulf War (9/2001 or later) and Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001), no Vietnam Era: 2,345
Gulf War (9/2001 or later), and Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001), and Vietnam Era: 163
Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001), no Vietnam Era: 5,411
Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001) and Vietnam Era: 707
Vietnam Era, no Korean War, no World War II: 21,619
Vietnam Era and Korean War, no World War II: 628
Vietnam Era and Korean War and World War II: 156
Korean War, no Vietnam Era, no World War II: 8,452
Korean War and World War II, no Vietnam Era: 434
World War II, no Korean War, no Vietnam Era: 6,646
Between Gulf War and Vietnam Era only: 9,681
Between Vietnam Era and Korean War only: 6,909
Between Korean War and World War II only: 575
Pre-World War II only: 64

Miscellaneous Information for Rhode Island:
Total Households: 238,140
Total Population: 624,046

Zip Codes we service in Warwick , Rhode Island

02886, 02887, 02888, 02889

About Kent County
Kent County: Population 16+ not in Labor Force - 42,435
Kent County: Total Households - 68,645
Kent: Male Population 5 To 9 Years - 4,766
Kent: Female Population 40 To 44 Years - 6,216
Kent: Female Population 85 Years And Over - 3,408
Kent: Median Home Value - $211,700.00
Kent: Male Population 20 Years - 950

Crime Statistics for Kent County
Property Crime: 1,868
Forcible Rape: 25
Larceny/Theft: 1,613
Motor Vehicle Theft: 65
Robbery: 10
Arson: 12
Aggravated Assault: 49
Burglary: 190
Violent Crime: 84